May 30, 2023

To learn about the honeypot is the very important for every hackers, because now a days that is one of the most important subject in the Hacking world.


Basicaly the Honeypot is the trap which is set for the Hackers who do the bad activites on the network, The Honeypot work in specific way to attract to hackers .

It attract the hackers to trace them in the way to collect some specific information, When Hacker try to hack the system then all the activities of the Hacker is traced by Honeypot.

The Honeypot is setup to distract the Hackers.During this all the process of the Hackers are retrieved.

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For Ex:- When a hunter try to hunt then that hunter set a trap for that perticular animals or anything alse,Similarly the Honeypot is working that it is hunt for Hackers.

The Honeypot it is same as that name when the housefly come to suck the Honey it is very easey to catch it.It is like the Honeypot is the server and the housefly is the Hacker.

Main Concept

Mainly the Honeypot is the trap set for the Hackers, means what It is the set of many vulnerabilities which are very easy to exploit then the noob Hackers thinks that this system is very easy to Hack, and then they perform the attack on the system or we can call it server and then the trap by that organization is successfully done and that help that organization a lot.

The Honeypot is devided into two parts

  • Production Honeypot
  • Research Honeypot

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Production Honeypot :-This type of Honeypot are the low interactive Honeypot which are use to collect the limited information about the Hacker.This type of Honeypots are very easy to use. Production Honeypots are placed into the production network to improve their state of security.This is like low level of the honeypot that mainly use by some small organizations.

Research Honeypot :- This are some advance types of the Honeypot which are mainly use to collect maximum information about an Black Hat Hackers.It is mainly use by the Govt. Organizations and some very big Organizations.

The Research Honeypot devided into three parts

  1. Pure Honeypot
  2. High-Interaction Honeypots
  3. Low-Interaction Honeypot

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