Basic To Advance In Linux




In this student will be able to learn all the linux basic and advanced concepts of linux operating system from beginner level. This course will give solid foundation for students to start their carrier in different domains in which they’ll need linux. After completion of the course student will be able to use command-line without help of mouse. Now let’s talk about content which students will learn:-

First we’ll start with installing virtual box in windows pc. After installing virtual box we’ll se how we have to install kali linux and set-up all the things.after that we’ll start with basic concept like shell, terminal and all then we’ll see overview of linux file system then we’ll start exploring the linux file systemand then we’ll see important directories and files in linux file system by applying basic commands. then we’ll learn about wildcards which is very important topic in linux. After completion of wildcards we’ll start with manipulating files and directories of file system by applying suitable commands for it. After that we’ll create a playground game where students can practice all the previous commands which they have learnt till now. Then after completion of half of this course student will be able to create their own command and play with linux filesystem without any problem.Then we learn about redirection concept in linux which is also very important. then we start with piping concept keyboard shortcuts and all other commands.

I hope you’ll love this course and also after some days I’ll add part-2 also in this course or I’ll provide a separate course for it in which we’ll learn about shell programming and all other concepts. Thank you and enjoy this course 🙂


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